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Prof. Oscar J Realmsworth

Earth and nature are being systematically destroyed by the worldwide pursuit of money, and in this book, Professor Oscar J. Realmsworth explores a way to become truly wealthy while preserving our world for generations to come.

What is inside of us will manifest on the outside, as long as we know how to connect to it and release it—and this book will teach you how. Using the insights provided, readers will learn how to build personal wealth from the inside out.

Analogies connect nature to the pursuit of wealth, likening it to a spider's web. Learn to break free from the Government of Money and the preconceived ideologies, persuasions or doctrines of left, right and centre.

Spidergate will expose the criminal intent behind power and the use of money to destroy our Earth. Unless we as humans change the fiscally parasitic paradigm of consumerist economics for profiteering via accumulation of money, the wealth and health of Earth and nature, with the future generations of all species is in grave jeopardy of obliteration before the end of the 21st century.

About the Author

Oscar J Realmsworth's incredible gift of discernment, insight, and foresight allows him to understand and focus on the root of a problem rather than the symptoms in order to bring positive change and lasting solutions.

He is a philosopher and a futurist with great insight, who cares equally about the planet and his fellow human beings, and has deep compassion for the factors that challenge the human condition.


Money has 'Face Value' only!

The Power of the New World Order

Today the world is run by ‘The Government of Money’ and ‘Money Government’ is the operative system behind all forms of government regardless of the genre of political ideology, persuasion or doctrine, left, right, or centre. It is a chain of unprecedented power and persuasion not easily broken! But it can be exchanged for real wealth! Spidergate is about freedom from the money chain, in order to embrace true wealth!


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23 June 2019

Designing the Future Face of Finance

Glory of 20th & 21st
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7 August 2019

Farewelling your Profits to the 'Free Market'

Internal World of Modern
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5 July 2019

 The Reserve Bank Governor's Connection to Einsteinium

The Money Art Gallery of

I will teach you the art of how to discover and multiply your wealth and how to prevent your wealth from being stolen! I also show how humans can stop financial abuse - the most severe and the most prolific abuse still acceptable by all governments, institutions, religions, multinationals, corporations, professions, businesses and families on earth! Financial abuse affects one in every two humans - the highest level of abuse in the world. Either you are, or the person sitting next to you, is suffering financial abuse right now. It is the root cause of most other forms of abuse worldwide, from war to child abuse of every ilk!

Human ignorance is now the curse of the earth.... ignorance currently multiplied in billions of humans for money! You are very knowledgeable in vast areas that don't matter except for profiteering, and woefully ignorant in the areas that do matter for survival of all humans, the rest of nature and what's left of precious earth!

I am shocked however, at how fast humans are destroying it all for monetary profit. I weep at times over the loss of so many species on earth and in nature, but more so at the extreme ignorance of intelligent human beings who are causing most of the losses!

The evidence is everywhere! Your misguided human education is taking you and everything in nature on earth in the wrong direction - toward oblivion!

Most of you blame "Over Population", the result of "Over Copulation", but this is only a small part of the issue! It is your education for greed for which you need massive growth to fill your coffers with money in cash, digits and now blockchains to extend your vices of greed! This is the toxin that's killing everything and will kill everyone! The good news is -  it is completely reversible.

You are told "everyone is living much longer these days" therefore costs must rise! Which part of the planet are you talking about? The percentage of people living into their "Old Age of Hundreds" has never changed. The numbers only rise as the selected overall populations increase - naturally and artificially of course! Grow a country's population quickly by birth (naturally) and by immigration (artificially) and all percentages will increase relatedly, including the people growing old because more people will be growing old.

By learning how to think 'Profuture' we can change the paradigm in the present, in order to change the outcome of the future
  • Yesterday's decisions are today's results
  • Today's decisions are tomorrow's outcomes
  • Past and present greed influences our present decisions
  • Our present decisions determine our future
  • We can only react to today's conditions and the decisions of the past
  • To be truly proactive we must be truly profuture
  • Past decisions require managing insights
  • Future outcomes require leadership foresight
  • If we don't respond well to clear and balanced foresight we will react badly to our devastating results caused by our own blinding greed

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Humans are the most easily fooled species on planet earth due to the fact it is the only species that divides itself into two factions - the "Fooled" the majority (lower classes), and the "Foolers" the minority (elite top of the great pyramid class structure), who take it upon themselves to set the "education" standards and "curriculum", decide who gets "capitalised" and who doesn't, in order to "support" their riches, prestige, power and authority and the one-way street of modern democracy.

It is the street of ascension paved in both capitalisms and socialisms golden rule, "Others First" - "Self Last", as billions of you struggle onward and forward, your money rising from the bottom ever upward as you pay your dues to rise above the common drudgery of serving your way into riches until the "Bucks Stop Here" at the top, in massive archives of hidden strongholds held by an elite few! A pyramid of "Money Government" full of rooms of private secrets within private secret rooms!

It is so amazing how these capitalists, plutocrats, socialists, autocrats, aristocrats, communalists, and communists who always put others first and self last, became the richest humans in the world! Your problem, you are told by them, is that "You are not following their example" of which they've given you many! What they mean by "Others First - Self Last" will remain a mystery for most humans!

A Story from the Blockchain Cloud

I bought a glass of the purest water on line—it’s in ‘the cloud’—and the water energy company told me it’s ‘Blockchain Secure’ so no one can steal it—but the bastards never told me I could lose it if it rained—it all drained out—now I’m back to drinking filthy lucre water! I asked for my money back but they told me it was in the bloody cloud somewhere—Blockchain Secure they said—I asked if there was a leak in the Block or a break in the Chain and could they show me where and who it is—they said ‘No we can’t, as the leaks are usually on the ‘inside’ and so secure we don’t even know their name’!

Paint - the illusion of Gold or the delusion of Paint

Paper - the illusion of Money or the delusion of Paper

Blockchain - The ghost of security or the anonymous security of a ghost

Video: The History of The Federal Reserve

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Pleasant Fiscal Scenes And
Monetised Landscapes

12 Jan 2019

Within the past 100 years Humans have entered an age of "Money Government" which is the "New World Fiscal Order" that now controls all "Government Money" and therefore governments worldwide! "Money Government" means "Money is the Governing Power & Authority" that runs and controls everyone and everything. Control the money supply and its direction and you'll control all the people and their direction! Focus everyone's attention on money and the reason it's needed and you'll have everyone focussed for the whole of life on a limited supply you will never get enough of, no matter how hard you try, nor how good or evil you become.

The power of money, or the strength of money is created by the power or strength of poverty. The greater the poverty the more powerful the money. It is in the interest of those ruling with money to keep everyone else as poor as possible, without them rioting and attacking the rich and powerful of "Money Government"!

The FX (Foreign Exchange) Exclusive Tailored Craftsmanship
     (Wash Before Use and After Abuse - Do Not Dryclean)

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Newest Collection of a Bull Market

"Money Government" - The New World Order of Government!

Climate Change, caused by the abuse of Nature & Earth by Humans of Monetary Greed, can't stop until Humans Change.
Humans won't change unless there's money to be made.
Climate Change is not yet bad enough for the rich and powerful to make much monetary profit in the process of stopping it - as it has not yet reached the equilibrium between the cause and the effect and the monetary balance of correction in order to create a 'Bull Market'.
When more money can be made and the profit surpasses that which is currently made out of "The Causes of Climate Change" - then and only then, will we see the rush to get on board for the "Correction" with its opportunistic means to make great profit. This will create a 'Powerful Bull Market'!

"The New World Order is a Fiscal World Order!"

A Bull Market is Driven by the 'Pursuit of Monetary Profit', which also Drives the 'Abuse of Earth, All of Nature and 97% of Humans'.

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Owned mostly by Germany and Greece's own reserve bank advisors


Doesn't want Ireland to stay with EU i.e. Germany - who else can they pick on


Wants to keep London in the EU but is willing to leave the rest of the UK out in the cold - they're free to join Iceland


Summer holidays are important to London and Germany so it is crucial for the EU to keep Spain's economy flat

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